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Sequel History

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park ranger, Jeremiah St Ours starts Sequel in a Durango, Colorado basement sewing gaiters

designs the Desert Rhat, a baseball cap crossed with a Foreign Legionnaires cap


introduces the integral fitted belt to legwear, later copied by other brands


opens flagship retail store in Durango, Colorado


adds 20 new products to the line, including recycled fleece and Windstopper fleece

introduces Rain Rhat, Snow Rhat and River Rhat (hats with

introduces Caliente jacket, with Recycled Zendura Pile outer and wicking Dryline inner


introduces 476 gram three layer Gore-Tex Kenosha jacket, and matching pants

introduces Hermosa sweater and coat in Berber Pile. Coat has offset front zipper

introduces Sticker Spats, lightweight summer gaiters for use with running or approach shoes

revise design of Solar Shirts, and introduce simpler companion, the Traveller Shirt


closes retails stores in Boulder Mall and Mesa Verde National Park entrance


closes Durango retail store

moves sales operation to internet

internet catalog runs to 140 pages (print catalog was 20 pages)


announces decision to continue to produce the unique Sequel Solar System, but discontinue the rest of product line


closes manufacturing plants in Durango, and in Blanding, Utah

sells remaining inventory via the web


closes Sequel, as unable to remain manufacturing in USA, and compete with rest of industry who have moved offshore

Jeremiah St Ours (aka JSO) rides a motorbike 114,000 km (over 2 years) from Alaska to South America


JSO wins Best Series award from Colorado Associated Press Reporters and Editors for "Tracking Jeremiah" in Durango Herald


Sequel remains offering a workwear thermal-cooling vest, but no recreational product

keep a web page active, providing care and maintenance tips for looking after Sequel clothing

Sequel now