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J&H (One Planet) History

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J&H founded, in October, with a single sewing machine, three products and one customer

name derived from surnames of founders, Steve Jamieson and Paul Harding and Lois Hunt


Steve and Lois marry

Bushlite sleeping bag introduced

Bigbird Duvet introduced


Move to factory space in Queanbeyan, near Canberra

Paul returns to work at Mt Stromlo observatory


early Buyers Guide to down sleeping bags and down clothing published

now a staff of six

process export orders to New Zealand


the vertical cross baffle design released in Australia (mirrors a design by Mountain Equipment UK)

Winter-Lite sleeping bag wins an Australian Design Award


first Gore seam sealer machine arrives

introduce line of taped Gore-tex rainwear

receive Small Business Award for Outstanding Achievement

undertake design work for Australian Department of Defence


Icebird Duvet Gore-Tex down jacket released

Stowaway down jacket released

Blue Cow two layer Gore=Tex ski jacket released

Cascade Mountain Jacket  3 layer Gore=Tex jacket released

Clothing sales exceed sleeping bag sales

20 staff, 50 products, 100 retail customers in Australia and New Zealand

contract work for National Parks, Antarctic Division, State Emergency Service, ski resorts, Special Air Service (SAS)


introduce V-Victory baffle system for semi-rectangular sleeping bags

move to new factory, four times larger, in September

staff exceed 30

receive Small Business Award for manufacturing

introduce Thermodry Gore-Tex products


win contract for NSW Police Gore-Tex rainwear

introduce Alpine Xtreem technical climbing suits

ski resort uniform sales increase


introduce Adventure Skiwear line

introduce Cats and Dogs Gore-Tex rain jacket

make ski uniforms for every Australian ski resort

supply Bicentennial Mt Everest and Mt Minto expeditions

staff exceed 45

process large export order to Japan of Kamakaze ski pullovers


Dumpers (lightweight 'down jumpers') released


change corporate name from J&H to One Planet, after a public name contest

opened manufacturing plant in Christchurch, New Zealand


merge with Aiking (packs) and Adventure Equipment (tents), to become Adventure One, trading as One Planet

One Planet now