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Dachstein History

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Lackner Wolle founded by Matthias Lackner Senior, in Altenmarkt, Pongau, the Dachstein region of Austria

specialised in high quality hand knitted products and knitting yarns

used both locally sourced wool, as well as that import from Australia, New Zealand and Argentina


knitwear production was extended


famous in mountaineering arena for their Alpine mittens (Art.11) a boiled wool, felt-like mitt, that was almost wind and waterproof

companion products were leather palm mitts, boiled wool gloves (with and without leather palms,) a hybrid fingerless mitt and socks

Lackner Wolle also made densely knitted wool jackets, jumpers and vests


Dachstein mitts were de rigeur for actors and climbers appearing in the Clint Eastwood movie, The Eiger Sanction

post 2009

Lackner Wolle no longer trading

various brands fill the void, capitalising on the brand's heritage, including: Ortovox, Heratex and Dachstein Wolle of Austria

Some even try to make their own by knitting and shrinking their work

But it is generally acknowledged that none quite equal the original