Compass: Charting the Evolution of Outdoor Gear

Bushgear History

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a Kiwi, Loch Wilson, living in Melbourne imports woollen shirts from New Zealand to sell to members of the Melbourne Bushwalkers club.

He also sells to other clubs from a suitcase.


Opens shop at 692 Glenhuntly Road, South Caulfield, trading as 'Loch Wilson & Co.'.

sells rock-climbing equipment not been readily available in Melbourne.

employed Betty White to repair gear, from which evolves the manufacture of gear


Moved to 66 Hardware Street, Melbourne centre busness district

changes business name to 'Bushgear'.

Began manufacturing a large range of equipment under this name

range includes gaiters, packs, woollen shirts (from Australian cloth), cross-country skiing knickerbockers and tents.


Bushgear designed and marketed tents such as the two-person 'Tawonga' and four-person 'Jagungal'.

Other models were 'Razor', 'Viking', and 'Baw Baw', each named after the area where they were first tested.


Needing larger premises, Bushgear moved to 52-54 Hardware Street.


Open store at Shop 5 CAGA Centre, 38 Akuna St, Civic, Canberra, ACT


moves again to 377 Little Bourke Street


makes part of the building available to Melbourne Bushwalkers for meetings


Mountain Designs take over the name and retails stores. Use the name to agressively market tents and shellwear

borrowing strongly from the history of the Melbourne Bushwalkers